• We are currently only shipping to the United States

  • Most PC builds will never be restocked. These are simply the PC builds that were created for the Zach's Tech Turf YouTube channel and they aren't meant to be a product that is sold more than a single time.

  • Prices are not negotiable

  • Join the Exclusives in the ZTT Discord server for information about upcoming website drops before everyone else

  • No warranty is issued on these PC builds outside of the warranties that may or may not still be active on each individual part. These PC builds are sold AS IS and you are buying at your own risk. Please understand that most of these PC builds were thoroughly benchmarked to create the YouTube video and are considered in working condition. For the PC builds that don't have a YouTube video attached to them, they were properly stress tested to ensure that the PC is in working condition as well.

  • If you have ANY issue with your PC, please email support@zachstechturf.com as soon as possible. Do NOT try to troubleshoot the PC without contacting support or your refund may be denied.