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Games with Built-in Benchmarks

There are plenty of options when it comes to software to test your gaming PC. But if you're not totally invested in getting all the data from your build, don't worry there are plenty of games with their own built-in benchmarks.

Games with Built-in Benchmarks Link

But why?

Some PC gamers skip the benchmarking test completely and dive right into gaming, but it's definitely worth your time to do some testing.

Stress testing your new build allows you to see if everything is running as it should be. You can verify that there are no high temperatures and you can ensure that your components are working at the level they are rated for.

You should also record your benchmarking data over time to verify that the performance of your build isn't degrading.

The games

Thanks to PC Gaming Wiki, the PC building community has access to a list of PC games with built-in benchmarks.

Many games have instructions on where to find the benchmark and additional notes like where game results are saved, if it's a feature.

Be aware, that this is a list maintained by community members. Changes might be made in games that are not reflected yet on the list.

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