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GPU Comparison Charts

Tom's Hardware comes in clutch with these GPU performance charts. They tested current and previous generation graphics cards to let you know how they handle 1080p, 1440p and 4K gaming.

Use these charts as a starting point for GPU comparisons, but then also further search for benchmarks on YouTube.

(Example YT Search: "RTX 3060 vs RX 6600 Benchmarks"

Current as of: June 6, 2024

RX 7600 XT 2.jpg

Tom's Hardware has been a long-time reliable site for all sorts of PC gaming news and testing data. Their GPU Benchmarks Hierarchy 2024 is no exception.

For their current benchmarks, they used an i9-12900K and tested eight games on almost all the current and previous generation GPUs (GT 1030, RX 550 and some Titan cards not included).  

Visit Tom's Hardware to see the full article that shows the latest data, the testing rig stats and additional charts like Ray-Tracing and game benchmarks.

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