Looking to build your own gaming PC but need some guidance? I got you covered! With this service I will work directly with you to build the best list of components for your next gaming PC build. Whether you want a pure price-to-performance build or one that sacrifices a little FPS for aesthetics (my preference), I’ll equip you with everything you need to start buying and building.

This service includes one revision of the parts list after I send it to you, in case you want to make any tweaks or adjustments. This ensures that you’re getting a parts list that you’re happy with!


After purchasing you’ll be required to fill out a form with questions about your build goals, budget, and aspirations. Filling it out with as much detail as possible is highly recommended to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth with this service.


PC Component List Design

  • Please note that with the current graphics card shortage, I’ll most likely only be able to provide you with a list of recommended GPUs and methods on how I’d recommend you buy one. We are starting to see GPUs become easier to buy, but many are still very difficult and I most likely won’t be able to find you one right away that’s in stock.

  • This is for US based customers only. I cannot provide guidance on any other country at this time, sorry.