My Gear

This page can be used as a resource if you're looking to copy any part of my current recording gear that I use to live-stream and produce my videos on YouTube.

DISCLAIMER: All of the links used on this page are affiliate links from either Newegg or Amazon and I will receive a small kickback with no additional charge for you. Please note that you may find better prices with a different website, so be sure to shop around if you're going to copy one of these builds!

Sony A7iii.jpg

Sony A7III

BRoll Camera

The Sony A7III is the definition of bang for your buck. This full frame 4K/30FPS camera has taken my video quality to the next level and I shoot all of my B-Roll Shots with it.

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Sony A6400 ARoll Camera

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The Sony A6400 is another bang for your buck camera. This one also shoots 4K/30 FPS like the A7III, but this one is has a crop sensor. Currently I have this in a permenant position to shoot ARoll so I don't have to move tripods around all the time.

Sony A5100.jpg
AT Microphone.jpg
Zoom H4n Pro.jpg
Godox SL60W.jpg

Sony A5100 Overhead 

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The Sony A5100 is the most recent addition I've made to my arsenal. It's currently mounted to the ceiling and used for my overhead shots for my Twitch live-streams.

Audio Technica AT875R

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I've owned this AT875R for several years now. It was my first shotgun boom microphone and although it's an excellent option for under $200, I'm getting an itch to increase my audio game with an upgrade soon.

Zoom H4N Pro Recorder

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The Zoom H4N Pro allows me to record audio from any XLR source both in my studio and on the go. The H4N Pro also has a high quality microphone built in that I can use a secondary recorder if needed.

Godox SL-60W Light

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The Godox SL-60W is my latest addition to my lighting setup and I will probably end up replacing every light in my studio with one of these in the future. This is a high quality Aputure 600D replacement at a fraction of the cost.

Manfrotto 502 Video Head

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Manfrotto Head.jpg

The 502 video head is a YouTuber classic. It's fluid head is silky smooth and I use it to record all of my BRoll shots for my YouTube videos.

Manfrotto Tripod.jpg

Manfrotto MT055XPRO3

This Manfrotto tripod is one of their entry level tripods, probably because it's somewhat heavy unlike their carbon fiber models, but it gets the job done and holds the 502 video head perfectly.

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