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Monthly Drops

April 1st Drop is SOLD OUT


Missed The Drop?

If you didn't get lucky with a Monthly Drop, we still always have our Restocked Builds available every day of the week!


Monthly Drops FAQ

Common questions about our Monthly Drops

Why do you sell these PCs for so cheap?

The PCs that are sold during our Monthly Drops were initially designed and built to be featured on the Zach’s Tech Turf social media channels, probably YouTube. They weren’t designed to create a profit, so that’s not our focus.

Because we already generated revenue from the build being featured in a YouTube video (ad revenue, affiliates, sponsorships, etc), we are more focused on getting the PC off our inventory shelves and onto the desk of a gamer.

We happily sell these types of builds for $100-$300 (on average) cheaper than the cost of the parts. This is why they sell so quickly.

How quickly do the Monthly Drops sell out?

Almost instantly. We drop these builds at different times on the first of every month to defend against bots and people stalking the site, but they still sell-out within just a few minutes.

It’s really difficult to score one of these builds, which is why we have our Restocked Builds available every day of the week.

Can I increase my chances of scoring a Drop?

Great question, because there’s a cheat code here! If you become an Exclusive, you’ll gain access to the website 30 minutes before everyone else on the first of every month.

To become an Exclusive, all you need to do is become a YouTube Member on the ZTT YouTube channel, and then link your YouTube account to your Discord account. In the ZTT Discord server, you’ll now have access to the Exclusive section, which is where Zach sends out the password.

Keep in mind, there are other Exclusives trying to accomplish the same thing. Becoming an Exclusives greatly increases your chances of scoring a Monthly Drop, but it does not guarantee it. But there’s of course other benefits to becoming an Exclusive and joining our community :)

Will these builds ever be restocked?

Never. These builds were only ever designed to be featured in social media content, and we don’t make a profit on these. ZTT would go out of business if we continued to sell them, because they sell for less than the total cost of the parts.

Previous Drops

These Will Never Be Restocked

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