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Stop! Before you spend all of that money on PC components, LET ME HELP!

There are so many things to triple check and verify before you should buy the parts for a gaming PC build or setup.​

Get some PEACE OF MIND knowing that everything you buy will be compatible, work properly together, create a balanced performance, and look great on top of your desk.

I have several different consulting packages available that will help you depending on your situation. All of them are completely customized by Zach for your specific needs.

Why Pay for Zach's Help?

Zach has been building gaming PCs since he was 5 years old and has since become an expert in the craft. Every PC build recommendation from Zach will come with the best possible combination of parts for performance and aesthetics. 


Researching the perfect combination PC parts is a job on its own. Allow Zach to do the deep work required to choose the best parts so you can start building and enjoying your gaming PC faster. 


With Zach's Consulting, you'll have 100% assurance that the PC parts you're about to build with will work together and create a perfect balance. 


Along with your parts list, Zach will include in-depth explanations as to why specific parts were chosen and sometimes include alternative parts depending on the situation.


Customer Reviews

"It was fast and quick and I didn't have to wait. It was very extensive and detailed on how and why certain products were good."


"Fast quick. To the point which I love. Yes I would recommend no doubt!"


"I wanted an expert to tell me exactly what I needed to do, and how to do it. You did both quickly and perfectly. Thank you!"


"Service was fantastic and if I can i will recommend this service"


"very organized and concise. 10/10 would definitely recommend to others"


"I am very satisfied w/ the high level of service I received & would reccomend to others"


"The service was great. I really appreciated the level of detail and effort that you put into the build. You really took the time to read and understand everything I typed up and you really delivered a build list that completely hit every check mark that really mattered."


"i am very satisfied with the recommendations i have gotten and i will be recommending you to others"


"The level of service was exactly what I expected (excellent and professional), and honestly faster than I even originally thought. It made me feel confident in the choices provided, and I appreciated the ability to ask follow up questions and learn."


"Yes I would, exceptional customer service replied back to my email over the weekend even though those aren’t his working hours. Gave great descriptions and reasoning as to why he picked out the parts to fit the requests I had."


"Professional and straight up to the point. 100% recommend."


"I would definitely recommend this service as it saved me a TON of time in researching and headache of trying to pick the right parts and hoping they would end up doing what I wanted in the end.."


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