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Average Price Finder

Not sure if you've found a good deal for a component? Maybe you're looking to sell your old parts? Use this site to check the average prices of items. 

Average Price Finder Link

Stay up-to-date with current prices

In the PC world, prices of components can fluctuate at any time. Remember the GPU shortage of 2021? 

By using the Average Finder site, you can see what the current prices are of new and used items on eBay in US or UK.

Using the site is simple. Type in the product name in the Search field, choose your Location/Currency, and select the Condition and Sales Type you're looking for or planning to sell.

The search results will show you the number of items found, the average price, lowest price, highest prices and more. 

This is a great tool for PC builders and filppers. Use this before asking your community for a "price check". 

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