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Pre-Built Gaming PCs

There is a HIGH DEMAND for these gaming PCs. 
We appreciate your patience when a build is currently "Out of Stock". We are building as fast as we can. 

The Gaming PCs above use NEW PARTS exclusively.

Why Buy Our Pre-Builts?

These gaming PCs are designed from the ground up by Zach and the ZTT team to deliver the best balance of performance and aesthetics, without breaking the bank.


Building Gaming PCs is a hobby on its own. If you’re more interested in jumping into high quality gaming action right away, a prebuilt is a great route to take.


Buying a prebuilt PC from ZTT ensures that your components were chosen to perfectly stretch your dollars to get the best possible performance.


Let’s be clear. Aesthetics are the top priority for everything related to ZTT. If you want a beautiful conversation-starter in your gaming setup, these are the ones to buy.

Fragile Stickers.png

Safe and Secure Shipping

Shipping Corners.png

Box Corner Protectors

Double Shipping Boxes

Instapak Expanding Foam

Fragile Stickers

Free Desk Upgrade!

ZTT Headset Stand

ZTT XL Mousepad

Mouse Pad 1.png

Every Gaming PC purchased comes included with a ZTT XL Mousepad, ZTT Headset Stand, and a fake plant to take your battlestation to the next level.
Excludes Builds on "Drops" page.

Fake Plant

Explore More Options

You Build, Zach Helps

Purchase a consulting service to have Zach help guide your decisions for your next gaming PC project. Parents welcome!


Monthly Drops

On the first of every month, we sell the gaming PCs that were featured on the ZTT YouTube channel.

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